Posted by: thebylog | November 22, 2003

Odd things that crack me up; another IE sighting

We had a very encouraging music rehearsal at BMS today. We were practicing our crowning achievement for the Thanksgiving program, Fanfare for Thanksgiving, and on this one part the baritones start by themselves and the altos soon join in. They come in on sort of a difficult note, and so every time it’s about time for them to start, I hear this faint hum. They take their note from one of the baritone notes, and it cracks me up. I mean, it’s great, but it makes me smile. It’s something like what I would do.

I was at a basketball game tonight, and Fresno State was the team playing the Ducks. They’re a team with lots of tall, lean, African-American players. And then they’ve got this white guy who’s like 6-10 and 330 pounds who looks like he’s about 28. It cracks me up because he’s so out of place, he’s so plodding and blue-collar where the others are so graceful and quick.

I sat by a couple whose son went to OSU for Industrial Engineering. Turns out the guy works in an Industrial supply company and they gave me a phone number so I can visit the company sometime.


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