Posted by: thebylog | February 11, 2004

I’m the new Vice-President of the Oregon State University chapter of the Institute for Industrial Engineers.

It was quite a rigorous campaign.

I, like, came to the meeting and began showing the rest of the IIE student consituency just how incredibly dedicated I was to their group and how having me as their vice-president would be incredibly beneficial to them. I did this mostly by grabbing three pieces of pizza (and later a fourth) and a pop. When it came time to nominate for this prestigious office, my stellar record of hard work over the past few minutes was more than enough to ensure a landslide victory.

And here I am, Officer for Student Development for the Insititute of Industrial Engineers here at OSU.

Really, I see this as an opportunity on a couple of fronts. It’s great experience in leadership, administration, project management. Good for my resume. But there’s another really important aspect to it, and that is the position it will put me in with some of my fellow officers. It will allow me to develop relationships and “be salt” to this small part of my world. And it will challenge me to be real and strong and up-front in my faith.

There are going to be challenges. Obviously, most–if not all–of these officers aren’t Christians, so their priorities and ideals and values will be different than mine. IIE is a very social organization, and you know what kind of things college students often do in the course of their socializing.

It will be a very stretching time.

Subject 2. Sometime, if AHQ ever is all in Oregon at the same time, I want to take them to Covell Hall to sing in the stairwell.

Subject 3. One of the guys in the Bible Study today went off about how he is pro-welfare! His point was, there are needs in our country that aren’t being taken care of, so the government, which has more resources than anybody else, should be supported in taking on this responsibility.


The question is, if there are physical needs in our country that aren’t being met, who should take care of them?

Christians should.

Before you go off on the “welfare people are lazy and just abuse the system” tangent, think about this. Does the Bible, in all its instructions to Christians about giving to the poor, ever put a stipulation on it? Does it ever say, “give to them if they aren’t lazy” or “give to them if they don’t abuse your gifts”?

No. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I think there are instructions to Christians about working (“if someone does not work he should not eat”), but the needy must be ministered to by the Christian.

Now, what if we’re not doing enough? We obviously aren’t.

Is it so bad that the government (as inefficient and imperfect as it may be) is picking up the slack?

La la la.


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