Posted by: thebylog | February 20, 2004

There’ll be a lot more twists and turns before my career path is decided. Who knows where I will end up, in more ways than one.

How about Va. Tech? Or U of Michigan? Or Cornell. Berkley. Purdue. Oregon State. Or maybe we’ll forsake the IE/OR thing altogether and go to grad school for a math degree. Or Stats. Or philosophy. Or music.

I was thinking about it this morning, I feel real pressure to conform to the practical. It’s certainly not overt pressure, no one’s ever said anything. Except…

Let me interrupt that thought with another one that only sort of relates, and that is this: mom’s afraid that the further I pursue my education the longer it will take me to get married! She’s so funny.

Anyway…who’s to say that my place isn’t as a prof somewhere whose only job is to think theoretically and who couldn’t solve a real problem if it came and presented itself as blaring music in my face! That’s what one of my profs said about this one school and the people they churn out. Except in a little different language.

I have certain tendencies toward the theoretical. However, I also have a desire to apply my knowledge in the field. That’s why a Master’s degree sort of sounds more attractive in some ways than a Doctorate.

The thing about a PhD is that your job options are so limited. A few teaching positions and a few high-level positions at huge companies.

I’m going to commit this to God. I’ll talk to people about it too, but I don’t think any amount of advice can make a decision like this for me. It’s not a matter of right and wrong, although I’m sure there are principles that could be applied. I need to supplicate, fast, immerse myself in Him and let Him direct.

Definition of ethical dilemma: a problem in which there is no “right” answer.

Basically, a true ethical dilemma is one in which you have to choose between two (or more) imperfect solutions.

Very interesting. Should you keep the Sabbath (Sunday) or keep the Golden Rule, if you can’t do both?


Sort of reminds me of…what was that? Oh yeah.

An ethical dilemma.


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