Posted by: thebylog | March 13, 2004

A Defense of ‘School’

It is very limiting to consider ‘school’ to be only that which you learn in the classroom or through homework. In school, you have to learn to relate to people, manage your time, manage your finances, lead others, follow others, learn what you believe and why you believe it, articulate your thoughts, work hard, get out of bed when you feel like sleeping in, prioritize, be disciplined, be friendly, be tactful, be strong in the face of ungodly influences, etc, etc…

Sounds pretty much like life to me!

To be successful in school, you need to treat it like a job (like the real world). Maybe some people don’t like the work that you must do in school, and that’s fine. But school is a wonderful opportunity for a Christian, that’s for sure. It’s an environment that allows you to develop relationships with a wide variety of people. It’s up to you as to whether you impact any of those people for Christ.

I found an attack on school buried deep in a Comment, and I decided that just replying to the comment might not get this message out!



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