Posted by: thebylog | March 25, 2004

Long ride up to Seattle to pick up Uncle Paul, Aunt Dorcas and fam. So, so nice to see them, what a great family. They were totally beat.

Quite a time getting up there. The van I was supposed to pick them up in was in the shop, but it wasn’t done. So they just put it together, but they didn’t get it to me until about a quarter after 10. I wanted to leave at 10 because they were to get in at 3:59 and I wanted to pick up some Krispy Kreme’s for them. But before I could leave we had to perform a major mechanical surgery on the van and take the back seat out. It actually should have been really easy, but we (dad and I) started taking big bolts out, when there was in reality a little spring mechanism that would have popped it out real nice like.

So I didn’t get left until almost 11. Things went pretty smoothly until I got off on exit 132 to try to find Krispy Kreme. I had jotted down sketchy directions, figuring I could find it, but of course I had to wander around on the wrong side of the freeway for 10 minutes before I decided to go to the other side that looked a little more KK-esque than the residential-type neighborhood I was cruising.

Upon securing the delights that are KK doughnuts, I hit the road again, ever watchful for SeaTac airport signs. Being a little consternated at the approaching arrival time, I was ever vigilant as I made my way up I-5. But I missed the exit. I don’t know how, but I did. So I had to turn around, and this time, boom! Exited safely and correctly.

Followed the signs for the airport and then, for parking. All’s well until I find out that the van is too tall to park in the parking garage! What am I to do? I don’t know. What I did was drive around the terminal several times, working myself up and realizing that, dude, it’s time for them to be getting in and I can’t figure out if I’ll have to park in overnight parking. Then I saw the sign for oversized parking. Woo-hoo…

I finally got into the airport, but they didn’t appear for another 45 minutes or more because they had some problems with luggage. But we were all happy to see each other, and to some of them it didn’t seem real that they were in the Pacific Northwest. They were very, very tired.

Bad traffic on the way home slowed us down and then I hit something on the road, still don’t know what it was. It was small, though, and I think it was that little thing that gave us the flat tire. Somehow, Paul’s jack was not in the van, so he called AAA, who sent a guy out and fixed us up.

Got home about midnight.

How’s that for news?


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