Posted by: thebylog | April 3, 2004

Prayer answered: lowest weighted tardiness initial solution algorithm breakthrough!

What that means is that if my project with Dr. Logen was getting to be like a sealed soda can that had been shaken up, now someone has popped the tab.

It was so satisfying and exciting!

It was about an hour and a half into our work session on Friday, we were making some progress, but no major breakthroughs.

My partner Brent is a computer science major so he sits at the computer and types code while we confer about logic, debugging ideas, etc.

So that’s what we were doing, trying to figure out where our logic was wrong, staring at code, trying different ideas.

And then it started coming together, culminating in a little tweak that Brent thought of. And boom! It worked! We were so happy.

We have four of these “initial solution algorithms” to code. Now that we have gotten over the hump on one, we’re really hoping that the others will fall into line fairly easily. Because, you see, there are common elements in each algorithm, and the one problem we were having is indeed common to all four.

I’m very excited about this.


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