Posted by: thebylog | April 19, 2004

Saturday was an eventful day. I spent part of an afternoon with a bunch of other youth from mostly our church out on the street in Eugene handing out literature and talking to people.

I came away a little discouraged, actually. I let a guy get to me. Again, I think it was pride rearing its head.

Byran’s got it figured out, dude. He knows what he’s talking about, he can defend his faith in the free marketplace of ideas. But I couldn’t, not that time.

But despite that, it was good. I learned stuff about myself, and I hope and pray someone I talked to was encouraged and/or made to seriously think.



  1. Yeah Saturday, I pretended to be a Ranger, from Texas, I called myself Toodles.
    I remember when that time went down,you were there but I don’t think you were 100%.Remember when that time went downstairs into the lobby, cause i said so. What? you found it? yeah, whatever, refridgerater.

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