Posted by: thebylog | April 19, 2004

I’m generally not a “funny man” when I talk on stage. Pretty straight-laced, don’t have a particular gift of on-call humor.

But once, I had ’em rolling in the aisles.

To understand this, you’ve got to understand the Holiness denomination and their style of worship a little bit.

Holiness is, in some ways, a lot like Mennonites in that they really emphasize living righteously. But in other ways they’re not. They are loud in their services, lot’s of thunderous “Praise the Lord”‘s. Basically, they are a lot like what I think of when I think of an old-time Gospel church.

AHQ was singing at a Holiness church in Fort Wayne, Indiana once. It was fun to sing to them because they were so responsive, and after we took a break part-way through I told them that.

“Yeah, folks, you are a great crowd to sing to. We’re Mennonites and a lot of the churches we sing in are pretty quiet. But there’s one thing, I think us Mennonites are going to make it to heaven just a little bit before you… You know, because the Bible says that the dead in Christ will rise first!”

Boy, that set them to laughing. They couldn’t hardly stop. For a moment, I was Mark Lowry.


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