Posted by: thebylog | April 21, 2004

Dr. Rucker was a visiting professor from Arizona State that taught in the IME department for two terms. He is (pretty) old, tech-savvy, has admittedly bad skin, is extremely intelligent and well-read, but not particularly organized as a teacher. He also said lots of things–deemed Ruckerisms–a few of which are:

“D is for dog, so we have a,b,c,dog”

“So lets just lurch along”

“…so we have this little rascal here…”

“What do we do with this rapscallion?”

“So on a good day, the answer is…”

“If you calculate the axial compression on this beastie…”

I was just thinking, this probably isn’t very interesting to you. You don’t know Dr. Rucker.



  1. Byran Smucker?
    Sounds like your name is sick.
    Sort it out,gimp.

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