Posted by: thebylog | May 8, 2004

You could call me Old Faithful, because I’m a gusher. When something or someone really impresses me, I can sometimes be over-effusive in my praise.

But that could get a little dangerous if what really impresses me is something I’ve done or had a part in. With that in mind, let me gush about our new album.

I received the final, mastered version of Purpose early this week. Tom mixed it, and then he sent it to the NorthStar studios in Portland (the same studio that Rescue uses) to be mastered. NorthStar good, really good.

So that’s where I’ll start. The sound quality of this recording is really quite excellent. This is the best we’ve ever sounded (maybe the best we’ll ever sound), and it’s not all because it’s the best we’ve ever sung.

The singing. It’s by far our best album. By far. It sort of makes sense, too, because we’ve been a group that’s grown through the years. There was so much room for improvement when we started, that we’ve been able to make strides musically with every album. That’s one of the shames that this may be the last hurrah for us, we could grow so much more (not saying it’s a done deal that we’ll never sing again, but it doesn’t look good for it “being like it used to”) musically and otherwise.

The songs. Dude, the song selection for this album, from my perspective, is also excellent. We’ve got a good mix of fast and slow, good mix of styles. Invocation might be my favorite–a beautiful, short ballad that has a thought-provoking lyric. And of course for all those that don’t like an AHQ power ending, sorry, we’ve got like three of those. Only three, though, which is a good number for us. Well, maybe four, depending how you define “power ending.”

When I Lift Up My Head, And Can It Be, I’ll Live Again (especially for Southern Gospel fans), a Dale Kropf song, three orignals, a couple of Wayne Hooper spirituals.

It’s going to look cool too.

Ok, gushing officially over. Do I think it’s hot? Mmm, depends what you compare it to. Compared to Let Me Tell You ‘Bout Heaven, it’s like the most amazing recording ever. Hmmm, I don’t like to down-talk. I just went off about that today, people talking bad about themselves. So I’m finding it hard to down-talk the album, not because I think it’s Chanticleer quality or anything, but just because it is what it is, and I’m not looking for affirmation by talking it down.

It’s the best thing AHQ has ever done.


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