Posted by: thebylog | May 19, 2004

I know I’ve been at school too long when the muttering, cursing janitor comes through Covell.



  1. What’s Covell?


  2. or when the cursing janitor comes to Milm 🙂 at 2:30am…

    -David Goeke

  3. Covell Hall is the name of the building at OSU that houses the IME department and that I hang out at quite a bit.

    Dude, DG, I wonder if it’s the same guy. I was thinking, boy, a person should tell him to watch his language, but that’d be scary because the way he talks, so venomously and hatefully, you’d be afraid that he would start yelling at you or worse. But then I thought, no, that guy doesn’t need condemnation. His problems are a lot deeper than obscenities. I should befriend him. So that’s my goal with that guy. I don’t know how many times I’ll see him again, but hey, I’m very thankful that he cleans our building!

  4. It must be a different guy. The man I noticed did have a problem with language, but he was rather cheerful. He actually seemed to enjoy his work. It was a very good attitude when you consider that custodial work doesn’t exactly give you celebrity status.

  5. Yeah, definitely a different guy. This guy is not cheerful at all.

  6. Ok, instead of one person, imagine being around many many people that talk like that!


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