Posted by: thebylog | May 20, 2004

Today has been a good day because I’ve done quite a bit of work and it seems…

Well, sometimes I think about what I have to do and almost get overwhelmed because of all the work that’s ahead of me in the next few weeks. But then other times, it doesn’t seem quite so bad.

Today was one of those other times.

I have about 1500 words of a 2500-3500 word paper done for my History of the Holocaust class. I’m exploring the feelings of Nazi doctors, whether they ever had remorse or guilt for experiment on and killing fellow human beings.

Turns out that you can’t really separate ideology from practicality. The racialist philosophy that they bought into allowed them to justify their atrocious actions.



  1. I was just at Majdanek, second largest concentration camp in Poland, on Monday. I saw the disection table, the kilns, the gas chambers, the barracks. I saw the memorial of the time that, what, 285,000 people were killed in one day. You have to wonder, were those Nazis less than human? But I saw their pictures — they were normal people! HOW could they go home to their families at night? Had they absolutely not an ounce of heart? And I thought of the prisoners — did a flower growing in the grass, or a bright blue sky, ever give them joy? Were there some who held to their faith? Were there some who lost their faith? Were there some who came to the faith? So much I wonder about…


  2. I was just reading in I Samuel. You read the Old Testament and there is so much slaughter and gore in the stories. David killed Goliath. First he hit him with a stone. Then he grabbed Goliath’s sword and whacked off his head. Then Saul was asking Abner who this guy was. And David appeared before Saul while still holding the head of Goliath which he brought back to Jerusalem. I think that what those German doctors did in the name of naziism was horrible and inhumane. But think about what the Israelite soldiers did routinely to their enemies. Men slaughtering men and sometimes women and children and sometimes in brutal ways. Picture that! What do you do with that concept? A young hero walking around with an enemy’s head. Sure the good guy vs. the bad guy, but imagine your brother walking around with some bad guy’s head. It’s rather unsettling and makes me wonder about how much I really don’t know and understand about the created dynamics of what makes people tick. Byran, go chop off someone’s head.

  3. i think David would have liked the book, “Wild at Heart”:)

  4. About that OT gory stuff, Anon, I follow you. That kind of stuff is sooo foreign to us. I don’t really know what to do with it.


  5. Crystal, I think some of them had hearts, but they were so corrupted with their racialist ideology that they thought they were doing their society (and the world) a favor. And despite that, some of them at least couldn’t help but feel guilty at the obviously nasty deeds they were doing.

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