Posted by: thebylog | May 24, 2004

I remember coming out of a Physics test once completely fired up because of the intense intellectual stimulation.

Well, I just had another one of those moments, when I went to a “pre-interview” for the Marshall Scholarship. They asked me lots of questions, mostly about my religious beliefs and how I saw them in relation to politics and society.

I’ve never considered myself a very good on-the-spot thinker, but I was pleased with the way I answered a couple of the questions that I was a little iffy on. It was cool. These three guys, all accomplished scholars I’m sure (since they’re on the committee), asking me questions about Mennonites, news sources I read, George W. Bush religiosity as it relates to his job, etc. It was cool. Yeah!

This meeting was just to see if I am qualified to be recommended by OSU. This recommendation by the University is required in the Marshall, and it far from guarantees me anything. Not even close. I was looking through the profiles of this years winners, though, and I saw one person that sort of seemed to have qualifications that I maybe, perhaps, on a good day, could possibly have sort of matched up to.

It’s a no-lose situation, though. Well, the one losing part of it is that it will require quite a bit of time, which I don’t have much of. But it’s a good experience for me, just to go in before a panel and practice answering tough questions. If I can do that, I can do most job interviews.


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