Posted by: thebylog | May 27, 2004

BMS had their graduation/closing program on Tuesday night. The school had one graduate, so the choirs weren’t the main show. The younger set sang songs from Patch the Pirate to an old Gaither kid’s tune to a medley of ‘adult’ songs.

The older ones sang Moses Hogan’s “Lord I Want to Be a Christian”, a Ken Young arranged “Arise My Love” and a clap-less version of Larry Nickel’s Working With Joy. Four of the older girls also sang “The King of Who I Am” and the older guys sang a Relient K song, Less is More.

Tom, you wanted a run-down.

My music students did a really nice job, there is a lot of talent in those groups.



  1. Byran, I thought they were going to clap. What happened?


  2. By, you’ve just scratched the surface. Man, I don’t find out anything that’s going on in OR anymore.

    First, let me guess the Gaither kid’s song: “I am a Promise?”

    Ken Young Arise My Love?!! What’s that like? King of Who I Am, do I know that? Sounds kind of familiar. Reliant K, you’ve got to be kidding! How did you do that one? Did you get the spots somewhere, or did you hash it up yourself? Were they pretty enthused about doing an RK song? Did you note in the program that the song came from a hip Christian band known for the occasional off-the-wall song?

    That wasn’t a run down, that was a sparse summary.

    “Sadie Hawkins dance, and my khaki pants. . .(piping falsetto) oh oh oh!” How can you not like that! I like Reliant K.


  3. I guess I just bowed to pressure from my students. Few of them wanted to do it, and we weren’t doing it particularly well. It’s sort of easy to look back and say that I should’ve made them do it, get ’em out of their comfort zone. I really probably should have.

  4. The Gaither song was called “Here’s a Song.” It’s old, and it’s not even written by the Gaithers.

    “Arise My Love” was pretty good, it’s written for solos on the verses, I’m trying to think, I don’t know that there were any strange arrangement things, but I was thinking there was.

    King of Who I Am was familiar with me too, but I didn’t know where I’d heard it. Tanya Goodman Sykes and some Wright dude wrote it.

    We sang the Relient K song at the request of the graduate. We listened to it enough that we knew the melody, then we worked out the parts. It wasn’t a harmonic masterpiece, but it was nice. Good song, a ballad. I like Relient K ballads.

  5. Overrated: Clapping during songs.

    I like Reliant K uptunes.


  6. Tom, you’re spelling “Reliant” wrong, at least for the group. The group spells it “Relient”, Plymouth spelled it “Reliant”.

    I don’t know who all else might have done it, but the Florida Boys recorded “The King of Who I Am” a good while ago, at least that’s where I heard it. It was on KWIL.


  7. Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought they named themselves after the car.

  8. They probably did, just changed a letter so they wouldn’t have to pay copyrights or something to Plymouth.

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