Posted by: thebylog | June 9, 2004

This is why I love school.

A test is approaching. Lots of material to study, to understand. Problem is, there’s a bunch that you don’t. You’re studying off by yourself, and you are frustrated, because it doesn’t make sense.

Then you get help. You ask some classmates that you find, you ask the teacher. Gradually, problems are becoming a little clearer, they’re beginning to look less “big.” See, when you don’t understand something, it seems hugely difficult, almost impossible. But when you understand, things simplify.

And so, things indeed simplify. And then it’s time for the test, and you feel pretty good. You go into the test, and hey, most of the questions are doable. Sure, some are complicated, but complicated doesn’t have to mean hard, if you know what you’re doing. And you do, at least mostly.

It’s a wonderful feeling. To look at material that looked so mysterious just a few days ago, that is understood now.


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