Posted by: thebylog | June 13, 2004

A man is headed toward New York, a few miles from its outskirts, when he receives a phone call on his cell phone from a stranger informing him that his wife, while working in the city, had been involved in a terrible accident and was not far from death. Horrified, the man turns and rushes in the opposite direction. Why?

This is dedicated to Conrad & Naomi Gingerich, who share my love of Minute Mysteries or whatever you call them. I made this one up all by myself, but I have no idea if it’s any good.

Maybe I’ll ask it on the way to Sheridan tonight. The youth are giving a program there.



  1. Hmm, this will probably prove my intelligence, I fear. Maybe because he didn’t live in NYC?

  2. Maybe the wife was life-flighted to somewhere the opposite direction of the city??? Or when you say New York, do you mean the state or the city? Actually, you haven’t even specified WHICH city the wife was working in. Maybe she was working in some city other than New York City.


  3. Is the man in a vehicle? Is he afraid of something bad happening to him? If he would continue into the city, would something bad likely happen to him?


  4. By, this is way too easy. He turns around and goes home to get the kids so they can all spend her last moments together as a family. Bonus: Why was he going in to the city, and where was he coming from? He was on his way to his job in the city as a toothbrush salesman, he had been to the farm for supplies.


  5. The man lives in NYC.

    His wife was in NYC when she had the accident, and is in a hospital in NYC.

    The man is not in a vehicle, but is afraid of nothing except that his wife might die. Nothing bad would happen to him if he continued toward the city.

    Good guess, Tom, except they don’t have any children, and he doesn’t sell toothbrushes (that was very funny, though).

  6. i know, i know. because he knew that if his wife got sick that it was a sign that a russian mobster would suddenly unleashe chemical warfare on the entire city of NY, and he wanted to get away as quickly as possible. either that or he had marriage issues. am i on the right track?

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