Posted by: thebylog | June 22, 2004

A Key and a Reason

They say that a man should gain about a pound a year once he gets

married. The key to busting that little standard is not to be a beanpole

when you marry! My dad was 155 and my uncle John was a big

one-three-zero! My, my, my. Just make sure you’re a bit solid before

you tie the knot. Then you have a better chance.

There’s a reason that golf is such a difficult game. It has to do with

the high percentage of actions that have to be done at a high level. In

basketball for instance, you are successful if you succeed 50% of the

time. In baseball, 33% success will do. In soccer, you lose the ball

all the time. But in golf, you have to hit good shot after good shot to

even give yourself a chance to be successful.



  1. Why in the world would you want to gain a pound a year!? Just think on the result in about 20 years!

  2. It’s not that people want to gain a pound a year, but it’s better than, say, three pounds a year. You know, many people gain weight after they marry, so an “average” or a “goal” is a pound a year.

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