Posted by: thebylog | June 23, 2004

Two Impressive Things

1. It was early in the reunion, and Uncle John was talking smack, saying

that the old guys could take the young in a game of basketball,

challenging us. So, as happens in pick-up basketball, there soon was a

group of milling, aspiring basketball players dribbling and shooting and

talking. Before too long, the beginnings of a three-on-three tussle

between generations began to form. Lines were being drawn, and the game

was about to get underway, when Laura–John’s wife–came out and told him

that she was busy doing something, but that their daughter needed

attention. Immediately, with no second thought, John took himself out of

the game and took his little daughter in his arms. “You’ll have to get

someone else to play for me, I’ve got to tend to my daughter.” That man

is a good father.

2. It is amazing how much you can interact with people and not talk about

THE relationship. The Smucker cousins are sort of like that. We’re all

from Christian families, and for whatever reason the cousins don’t just

sit around and talk about what God means to us, at least not very often.

The six oldest male cousins were headquartered in one room, and I needed

to go in there to get some stuff. I opened the door and there he was,

one of my cousins, on his knees, head bowed. After he was finished, I

asked him how it was going, and he said “Good, at least I’m working at

making it better.”

There’s nothing like spending quality time alone with God, and I am so

encouraged that he actively realizes and pursues that.



  1. that is really cool that your uncle did that. yes, i would agree with you that he is a very good father. to be able to do that. it isn’t very often that you are able to see something like that. Tammy

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