Posted by: thebylog | June 27, 2004

Amazingly, it turns out that my father and the brother closest to him in age didn’t talk about girls. At all. That’s crazy!

I’ve written the by-log for almost a year and I don’t think there’s been a time when it’s been so neglected. I’m just dry.

Purpose, in my opinion.

Best-performed song: Invocation

Best lyric: And Can It Be

Most compelling moment: David’s lead on that last, quiet chorus of the Stand In Awe medley.

Worst moment: a spot on the last chorus of Purpose

Best Ending: When I Lift Up My Head

Best arrangement: Invocation

Yea for one-word titles of songs.

Yea for the Pevensees.

About those Pevensees. There’s a song by Chris Rice that has a line in it about these people and I never knew what he was talking about. “…reads just like the Pevensees, adventure…” That’s the line. And you know who the Pevensees are? They’re the original four children in The Chronicles of Narnia! Peter and Susan and I forget the others, Lucy maybe. What an adventure they had. It totally makes sense, too, in that song.

Nonny, nonny, odle-ay,

River washes over me.

Up for air and carries me away.

Nonny, nonny, odle-ie,

Run the earth and watch the sky,

Playing hard and waiting for the day…



  1. Purpose, in MY opinion:

    Best lyric: I’ll Live Again
    Most compelling moment: Tom’s solo intro to Stand in Awe Medley
    Worst moment: Any lead parts by Byran
    Best tag: When I Lift Up My Head
    Best arrangement: Strong
    Worst format: cassette tape
    Best song hook: Strong
    Best bass notes: Intro to Purpose
    Worst moment by Tom: First verse and chorus of And Can it Be

    Ha ha! Just kidding about the worst moment By.

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