Posted by: thebylog | June 29, 2004

It’s time to reach way back, way, way back and find the suitcase of the Philistines. This gargantuan specimen was purchased on a trip to the east with my uncle Paul and fellow quartet members at a flea market. Not the highest quality piece of luggage you ever did see, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

Imprecisely speaking, we’ve got to take as many Purpose CDs with us back east that we feasibly can. We’ve had bad experiences with estimating too low before tours. What a pain it is to try to ship albumage to where you will be 3 days from now.

So since this is the biggest program (gig) we’ve ever done, it’s impossible to tell how many to pack, so we’re just going to stuff in as many as we can. 600, 800 albums of Purpose plus maybe a couple hundred Lookin’ Up’s.


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