Posted by: thebylog | July 26, 2004

I was over at Junior’s tonight and he brought out the Oakville video, yee-haw!  This was AHQ in 1996.  I gasped, blinked, strained, and flatted.

Today was an odd day, I must say.  I let someone down.

I feel sort of weird.



  1. “…He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it….”

    Reading your two facts together made my “spaghetti” do this. “Hmm… there may be a parallel between how far along God’s brought By’s musical performance and how far along He’s working to bring By’s character….” So much for “spaghetti.”


  2. That reminds me of listening to some of the recordings of myself that I’ve done. It’s quite disheartening, until you realize that you can do better than that. Progress is good.

  3. I’ll say you let me down!!! Why didn’t you call me back???

    Just kidding. I think I have that video somewhere. That was back when I towered over the rest of the quartet.


    PS You still blink.

  4. Oh, NOW I get it, ha. I had thought the “gasped, blinked, strained, and flatted” part was how you responded to seeing this old video, and I couldn’t get the flatted part. Grin.


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