Posted by: thebylog | August 4, 2004

So we’re watching some nine-year old family video with the Headings and there were girls playing “ring-around-the-rosie” and boys on the wrestling mat just shoving and wrestling each other. And kicking, one of ’em got a good kick in.

The last, like, four showers I’ve taken away from home have been void of shampoo. I’m getting good at the “rub-soap-onto-your-hand-and-lather-the-hair” trick. Obviously, I need to add to my traveling toiletry stash.

And boy, I’ve just been going all over the place. Tuesday went to Central Oregon, returned Thursday. Friday went to Idaho, returned Sunday. Tuesday went to the Headings reunion near the coast, return Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

I’ve read I Corinthians 2 about three times in the last few days. Talk about a portion of Scripture that is just full of stuff. Paul’s focus is so keen, but sometimes I wonder how that translates to my non-full-time ministerial life, especially when he starts talking about coming to them only with Jesus and nothing else and how the wisdom of this world is nothing. It’s crazy what he did, but it obviously worked so well. The challenge is to figure out how to make it real in my life. I’ve got to.

Justin and Jamison were wrestling and my cousin Jenny suggested that they arm wrestle because that’s less physical or something. This reminded me of a great rule of thumb that a boy should never break: never arm wrestle a girl. I tried once, when I was about 12 or 13 and thought I was pretty big stuff. I challenged Jenny, my cousin who is about three years older than me, and she waxed me.


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