Posted by: thebylog | September 2, 2004

One thing about Randy and Shelley being around together: things are interesting. They probably think I’m just ignoring them, ah, but I observe. I certainly experience.

Like last night they were watching a movie in our room but I needed to get up before six the next morning to go to work. So I say, Shelley, you want to step out for a few minutes? I hunker down in bed and soon they return to finish their movie. Of course I’m not sleeping while the movie’s playing, but they don’t know that. It soon ended and I’m not sure what they were thinking of doing, but it sort of seemed like it was going to involve some more movie viewing or something, but I very strategically shifted position and did a little sigh thing. That was enough to move them on down.



  1. It’d drive me nuts to hear a movie but not see it.


  2. Oh man, me too. This is really scary. You agree with me on so many things.

    If I am watching movies LATE with my friends, they FALL ASLEEP. Unthinkable! A movie can be as boring as watching water freeze, but I will faithfully watch it nigh unto the end. And then I mutter in disgust and wonder why I bothered. I guess I always think that it MAY get better. What REALLY stinks is when you think they have no where to go but uphill and then they canyon out!


  3. Me too. I like to SEE it. If it would have been me, I would have positioned myself in bed in such a way that I could see, too. Lauren

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