Posted by: thebylog | September 12, 2004


Obviously, I forgot to inform you folks that this was the weekend for Youth Camp. Some snapshots:

:: “Like a wolf.” You folks know how it is with words and phrases that become vogue within a group that you’re a part of, right? It happened a lot with the quartet, it happens with our youth group. “I’m hungry like a wolf!” “Your face is flushed, like a wolf!” “He was snoring like a wolf”! Etc. Or, remember that jingle for Chevy trucks: “Like a rock, ooooooh, like a rock!” Well guess what: “Like a wolf, ooooooh, like a wolf.” I began a song entitled “Like a Wolf.” It’s about Christians who kick other Christians when they’re down.

:: How many people do you know whose hearts are really, truly, and fully after God’s?

:: Honesty is what makes a truly effective presentation of God and His principles. Craig Swartzentruber demonstrated that this weekend, sharing on the topic of “Fighting God’s Way, Working God’s Way, Living God’s Way.” He shared from his heart, from the Scriptures, about his experiences. Its power came from the fact that you just knew that it meant so much to him that he could be honest with us.

:: Just before I left to camp I had a conversation relating to this topic of how a Christian should relate to the society and government with one of my good friends and a buddy of his from Australia. Their perspective was one typical of most of Christianity today: sure, change hearts through the power of God, but we also have to fight for a society, a climate that fosters good, moral living. Additionally, in a perfect world we could live as Christ did, without compromise, but the reality is that to make a difference, to join the fray, we have to be courageous and throw ourselves into situations that may not have easy, cut-and-dried answers, situations that may force us to compromise for a greater good (i.e. be influential in a corporate setting who may involve themselves with gambling ventures; your influence may be able to sway the corporation against it, but then again, maybe it won’t). Then camp, another perspective.

:: I slept in the “noisy” cabin, with people who have been known to pretty much go through the whole night sans sleep. it was pretty reasonable, though, I thought. No extremism in that way.

:: Wonderful signs in our youth group, I’m very encouraged. I’m encouraged because the signs are from the inside out, not the top down. God has spoken to people about the importance of accountability. Shoot, God has spoken to me about accountability, and accountability is one of the areas that has the potential to make the most positive difference in the life of the church.



  1. I like Craig. I got to talk to him and his wife at BMA convention.

    I used to sleep in the noisy cabin to provide an example of maturity and responsibility. It looks like my efforts are starting to pay off.

    I’ve been sick like a wolf all week, and it just seems to be getting worse.


  2. Your mention of the Chevy trucks jingle reminded me of the liberties we “Fordies” always took with it. The reasonable conclusion is that if Chevy trucks are like rocks they can’t move. Ohhh, we were wise in those days. Besides who else would have built the fabulous No-va.

    Does your youth group have two or more groups so to speak. Ours is kind of divided: the coolies and the serious. There is intermingling but I wish we could all be open to each other and be an encouragement without differentiation.

  3. two things. tom, camp isn’t like the good old days where we’d stay up late being roudy and talk. those were some good times. camp has changed, still good times but its different. i was only there for one night this year though.
    secondly. ag, shelley might name her fish after you. Anonymous Goldfish. how clever is she!!

  4. Darin, our youth group’s great. I don’t know if it’s possible to get everyone completely on the same page, because of varying interests and commitment, but there is a large core of our youth group that are pretty much on the same page.

  5. just to inform you the phrase, “like a wolf” came from the movie “the princess diaries.” when one of the dudes said, “she has eyebrows…like a wolf!”

  6. Oh yeah! Got it! That’s funny. Interesting the stuff that catches on.


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