Posted by: thebylog | October 25, 2004

I had a midterm in my Optimization class. It was a tough test–mostly fair (though a little on the long side), but very tough. I would be surprised if anyone aced it, I know I didn’t.

Did you ever just gasp in wonderment about how polite people are? Like this morning, I meet a couple of school chums on the way to class and they ask me a technical question about another class. I think I know what they’re saying, but really I miss the point completely. My answer must be completely mystifying to them. Then, after class, we revisit the concept, and I still am completely missing their meaning. Yet their responses are no more troubled than a furrowing of the brow. It’s only after we walk a little ways that I realize what they’re actually wondering about. Of course, I have an opinion on that too, and it turns out to be wrong as well.



  1. Scattered Snitches

    I think too much politeness can be rude. (Think and ponder on that a bit)

    I would rather have someone smack my face in blunt honesty than snicker behind my back as I tromp about making a fool of myself.

    I have a SERIOUS pet peeve. I am generally a nice person, you know, I don’t say rude things in peoples faces. What I HATE is when there are these people that press for answers! They say something like, “well do you like it?”, when you absolutely despise whatever it is that they are referring to. So, you quickly and desperately do some major brain work and honk out a very polite and honest AND vague answer like, “ooh, that is very interesting!”, or “So where did you find that?”, or “That is such a unique color.”, anything to keep the complete truth from slipping out. (And you can do that without lying.) For most people that works. But then you have these tenacious over-zealous truth seekers who are begging for your 100% approval and they ask again. “Well, do YOU like it?” Oh that drives me nuts! Then you go to plan B and say something like, “Oh it’s not something that I’d wear but…….” and then you procede to try to find something nice to say about a terrible thing. The big problem is that some of these people would be SO offended if they knew what you really thought, but they keep asking. MAJOR pet peeve.

    Anywaz (oh that annoys me too! That, and things like U R KEWL, or …..bleh!)


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