Posted by: thebylog | October 25, 2004

Google Game

I can’t remember the name of this game. The idea is to think of two words and search for them on google. If you come up with a single unique entry, you win!

We did it with “uniformitarianism” and “chanticleer”. Now, once I post this, I wonder if it’ll ruin this set. But I can’t remember the name of the game, someone tell me.



  1. I don’t know the name of the game, but here’s one I tried that had only one result: “hypermetropic” and “rapscallion”. It was a totally meaningless result, but I guess it still counts if there was one single result? What do I win?

    Again, initials EG

  2. “yodel and flatulate”

  3. This Game With Unknown Name is right down my little narrow-minded alley. I will let you decide if I have a life or not. Maybe it’s just that chimichangas at PV are good Google Game Brain Food… Boggle; Google–both good games.

    Inoperable Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis–TOUCHE!


  4. Hey EG, (can I call you Egg? I do in my mind so……Egg you are, and Egg you’ll be. Egg for all the world to see…….okay, that cracked me up. Oh even more funny. “cracked me up?” No pun intended.) Well, talk about getting nowhere fast. Oh, that word, the forever one. I’ll only be impressed when you stand in front of me and pronounce it. Then, you will have my nod of approval.

    I must ask. WHO IN THE WORLD INVENTED THAT STUPID GAME?!!!!!!!!!! I drove myself crazy trying to do that stupid thing. It was the most annoying thing ever, well, maybe not EVER, but it was completely annoying. I would get so stinkin’ close, like down to 10. Yes, TEN! I did it for about 15 min. and then quit before I completely lost my mind. You, my friends, do NOT want to know my thoughts on the mastermind behind that particular bit of google action!


  5. Actually Ag, once you HEAR the word a couple times it’s not all that hard to remember or pronounce. By the way, EG, do you know what the word means? Or anyone else, for that matter. The definition is far simpler than the word itself. Ha ha!


  6. Yes, I know what it means, and it is easy to pronounce and to spell once you break it down into seven smaller “words”. I just do hope that I never suffer from the disease, but I am not too worried because I think coal miners and such are the most susceptible–and I never intend to pursue that career.


    I have this insane urge to say, “EG to Ag, EG to Ag, come in, please!” 🙂

  7. Hey Egg, you don’t dream of being a coal miner? I think I’m going to invent a word……give me a minute here.


    WOW. That made me sweat. Okay, there is my new word. Fresh from the press.


  8. Ok, now if you can pronounce THAT we’ll be impressed.

    EG, I fondly remember learning that word from you and SG years and years ago. So long ago it seems like I’ve known it forever.


    PS I hate this new initials thing. By and his “the fewer the details the better.” How sanctimonious.

  9. Initials are funny things sometimes. I know this guy who’s initials are PS. I do not know his middle initial. I am always so afraid that his middle name is like Mark or Matt.

    Yes indeed. Take initials into consideration when naming your children. ESPECIALLY those of male gender because that is a done deal.


  10. Ag, you are the epitome of I don’t know what.


  11. By is always VERY careful to include his middle initial in an initials situation.


  12. Hey, Ag, I couldn’t find your word in the dictionary. So enlighten me. What is the meaning of it???

  13. Lauren, you won’t find it because I made it up. It means…….well…..let me get back with you on that.

    I am the epitome of what? This could go either way. Don’t worry, just shoot. I’m tough. I can handle it.


  14. Like I said, I don’t know what. Just, the epitome.


  15. Okay, so I am just beyond description. Yeah, I can handle that.

    Ag the Epitome

  16. Love it! Wish I could meet the epitomeic Ag.


  17. And I, oh Egg, would be honored to meet you!

    Ag the Epitome

  18. I have a little wish. . . Wouldn’t it be shocking if somehow God orchestrated a way for all of us regcoms to converge in one location and really meet one another? I don’t know what I’d do if it happened, but I think I would like it a vast deal. It would probably give me alot to “process” tho. 🙂


  19. No kidding, Merry. I doubt you could handle it. But still, I encourage you to get up a union for next year sometime.


  20. Oh I had this great idea. I mean this one tops it all.


    Whewsh! Got it out in one passionate puff. Okay, I thought that was just a earth-shattering idea. SMBI would never be the same again. And neither would we I’m sure.

    Oooh, I’m liking it.

    There you go Merry.


  21. Egg to Ag:

    That is a real Googlestopper, Ag! I hereby pronounce you Queen of Creativity! 🙂 I like the idea, but you might appoint me as housemom for the group once you found out how old I am. I am old enough to be forgiven for forgetting my age (refer to another ByBlog entry).

    Over and out.

  22. You could be my “on site” mom. I’d call you Mamma Egg. We would get along just great! I have friends of all ages. I have friends that could be my mother! Okay, well, here’s a plan. Everyone under the age of 35 could go and then on a designated day, the rest could join for a grand and glorious celebration of…… of……..of…….oh, of meeting each other. That would be cause enough to celebrate.


  23. Blah!! Ag, I’m gonna be 36 by then!!! How can you be so exclusive?!?


  24. “Oh Bother!” said Pooh.

    Okay, less I exclude anyone and they feel the pain and sorrow thereof……

    Anyone who can still walk on their own, formulate mildly intelligible words, feed themselves, and has teeth could come. We would meet the rest at their residential nursing home on weekends.


  25. I’m mollified. Let’s go play Pooh-sticks!


  26. SURE, SMBI in April!

    See you then.


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