Posted by: thebylog | October 27, 2004

Things are getting hectic, this hecticity centering particularly around my two work projects.

Research-wise, we’re basically trying to run in muck, spinning our wheels. That’s what it feels like, we’re not making progress and we’ve been on this particular part–empirical testing–for months. And B and I have been so busy we haven’t had a chance to really sit down and put good time in.

Then at the other place, I’m feeling the pressure because of a job that is resurrecting itself and on a very constrictive time schedule.

But in good, worthwhile news, God is working in the lives of people that I know, He’s really working!

Another thing that’s contributing to my stress is, perhaps, God Himself. He may be speaking to me, but I can’t quite be sure.

But I may have answered my own question.



  1. It’s had me curious for awhile — how much havoc could be reeked if we’d start forging each other’s names.


  2. That’s one of those things I would talk about and think would be wickedly fun, but would never actually do. You would not believe all the fun things that I talk myself out of.


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