Posted by: thebylog | October 30, 2004

Man, I don’t know what to do.

I know I’m applying to Berkeley and Purdue. Probably to Carnegie Mellon. Maybe.

The more I think about it, the more I’m tempted to just go for it and apply for/consider a PhD program right away.

Aww, but there are plusses and minuses. The PhD work would be more interesting and challenging and would better facilitate my interests. Master’s work would be much shorter and would get me out of school quicker an into the job market.

See, that’s sort of the plan. Study for a year or two and then get a job, see how much I enjoy it, and then decide whether to go back to school.

I’ve never experienced a single bit of overt pressure with regards to my schooling, yet, in this decision, I feel pressure to not go completely crazy with school. Maybe that’s an imagined force, I don’t know.

I was fairly comfortable with the Master’s route, but when I look at these programs, often the Master’s degree is a bit less than what I’d like: no thesis, just relatively basic training in traditional statistical methods. Which is cool, but my ultimate goal is to dig deeper than “traditional methods”.

I was thinking, I think my career dream would be to someday teach statistics at OSU or the U of O. Wouldn’t that be cool?

And the other thing I thought was (something like): “Am I 22 or 23? I think I’m 23 … let me calculate, yep, 23, no wait, that can’t be right, oh yeah, whew, 22.”



  1. By, where’s this pressure coming from?

    Ha! Didn’t a tell you a long time ago that you should be a professor?!


  2. Yeah Tom, I’m with you. Where is this pressure coming from?


  3. And everybody together now.

    “Where is this pressure coming from?”


  4. My head. I’m foisting imagined pressures on myself, basically.

  5. yeah, that must be pretty bad if you can’t remember your age.

  6. I thought people only forget how old they are after they hit like 50. Must be mistaken. Oh I can’t wait until I turn 23! I dreaded turning 22, and now I know why. But, for some reason, I am anticipating turning 23 as much as I dreaded turning 22. So, if the system stands, being 23 will indeed be better than being 22. Because I didn’t want to turn 22, and it was never so hot, but I do want to be 23, so it should be really hot.

    Okay, I feel better now that I got that all out.


  7. HA! They say the first sign of old age is when you forget your age. Actually, whoever they is, I don’t think they have said that I just made it up. Talk about embarrasing is when you insist in front of strangers that you are 22 when you are really 23, and you honestly, really forgot for that moment that oh yeah you did have a B-day in August where you turned 23. Somebody just did that recently, I won’t mention any names. 🙂 Don’t mind me, it’s been a long day, and I’m feeling rather silly.

  8. That would have been amusing if I only knew who said it.

    Ag who knows her real age

  9. Oh, and I get the prize for using the most 22s and 23s!

  10. Ha ha!! Once again Ag is the first to pounce all over an anon!


  11. I know someone who’s almost a twin to me, same year and everything. A while after we turned 24, she was insisting that she was 23. She had me so confused that I even had to recalculate my own age. Didn’t know if I was losing it or what.


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