Posted by: thebylog | November 2, 2004

BB said it’s ironic that for Mennonites who are supposed to be non-political, we talk about politics more than anyone he’s ever been around.

True, true.



  1. So what does he think of that? Does BB have a blog?

    It’s because we’re fascinated with it, just like everything else we’re not allowed to do!

    Ha ha!


    PS Probably shouldn’t have signed my name to that.

  2. BB is pretty observant i’d have to say

  3. BB owns.


  4. BB does not have a blog.

  5. Hey EG (alias Egg) you never taught me that pneumo….coniosis word! I feel left out! What other medical terms do you know that I don’t? Please teach me! Maybe I should try that google game in my copious free time. Miss

  6. I like that google game. I bowed my head at my computer for 30 seconds and pondered, then typed “sacriligious, eponym”. And there was one and only one entry. Beginner’s luck. Miss

  7. Hey By, I noticed you haven’t posted in a while. Are you depressed about things not going your candidate’s way?


    Ha ha!

  8. yeah tom i’m starting to really get concerned. lately all he has been doing is sitting despondently in the corner listening to NPR!

  9. We’re supposed to be non-political? I thought that was non-resistant. Ooops, must’ve missed out on part of my Menno class 101. Someone educate me quick before I fall forever into the Slough of Despond.

  10. Don’t worry Shelley, I flunked that class along time ago, so I’m here for you.

    The EVER supportive Ag

  11. *grin*


  12. Yeah, I never claimed to be non-political. One of the guys at work thinks that if us mennonites aren’t going to voice our opinions thru voting, we don’t need to have those opinions. Not true, I dissagree with that philosophy. Lauren

  13. So….. What else are you going to do with your opinion if you don’t vote? I mean…. I’m not trying to be argumentive here, but what good is an opinion if it dosen’t do any good?

  14. And why don’t we vote? If it’s because our kingdom is not of this world, then what business do we have shouting or whining or going into hysterics when this world is going to pot? If we’re so other-worldly, why spend hours of involved conversation about issues in this world? On the other hand, if we’ve got a responsibility and do play a role in this nation, why not vote–why not give our opinion when the government asks for it? I’ve just got some questions.

  15. My question — If the draft, for instance, would happen to be implemented once again, would people/the government have anything to say about the fact that someone voted in support of Bush but then refuses to go to war for him? What does voting actually imply?

    I think you’re on to something, Ag, with what you said about if we say we’re part of a heavenly kingdom, it doesn’t make sense for us to get so worked up about what’s happening to this earthly kingdom.


  16. Actually, that wasn’t me. I’m not sure who it was.

    I’m not sure how strong that argument is though. Most people that don’t vote use that, and if that’s what they really believe I can respect that, but sometimes I feel like that is an excuse not to get involved. I’m not suggesting that everyone has to vote.

    I read this the other day regarding the question as to whether or not Christians should vote.

    “Imagine sitting in a rowboat that’s slowly filling with water. You have a bucket nearby. Do you (1) simply pray that the boat doesn’t sink or (2) grab the bucket and start bailing (while you also pray).”

    I hear pastors who are always singing the blues about the moral decay of society. And it’s true. But do we simply sit in a sinking boat or do we begin to bail? This election, unlike most, was an election of moral issues where alot of people felt the need to take a stand.


  17. Sorry, Ag, I guess I take for granted anymore that every comment was yours. 😐

    But still, Ag, you avoided my question. I’m not just giving a typical “this is why I don’t vote” easy-way-out. I’m saying FOR REAL what does voting imply? And if we vote, what other obligations do we take on ourselves?

    How do you know, before an election like that, what God has in mind? Which would advance the kingdom of God most — Bush or Kerry? Maybe being “safe” and “comfy” now because Bush was elected is what Satan had in mind for us Christians — “Give ’em what they want so they’ll calm down and get back to normal life. A few sleeping pills would be great.” ??? Who’s to say?

    Don’t think I’m attacking your decision to vote. These are honest questions and thoughts of mine.


  18. We don’t always know what God has in mind…but we still act in what we believe is right. I prayed for a long time before this election that God would put whoever in office that would further his kingdom and bring revival to this nation…and that if it was John Kerry that I would not back down in believing that God heard my prayer…so I believe God heard that prayer….but still even though I prayed…it doesn’t keep me from doing my part in helping this country preserve our freedoms. It seems presumptious to sit back and not do our part (vote) in this whole thing. For any thing else we always do our part…and take the responsiblity of preserving what is right…why wouldn’t we in this case? Voting isn’t the only way you can voice what you believe…but it does seem a little hypocritical to complain about government and all that if we aren’t going to vote. -Marcel

  19. I’m glad you said what you did, Crystal. What does voting imply? Is it actually a statement of total support? What I’ve been thinking is this (and I’m not “firmly established” on it): God ultimately controls governments. The government over us now is set up on the basis that its citizens are involved. It wants us to “tell it” who we want in office–it wants our opinion. So when I voted this year, I felt like I was not backing Bush in all he does. I was merely saying that I as a tax-paying citizen of the U.S. would like Bush to represent our country as its leader rather than Kerry–I didn’t say it was because I was for or against the war; that wasn’t even the biggest issue to me. If he asks me to go to war, I can’t–not because I suddenly decide I’m not really a citizen of an earthly kingdom–but because my Commander in Chief has asked me to give life, not take it.

    I’m just one person, and I’ve just got one mind–I need opposing opinions. I’m still not 100% settled on my place as a temporary citizen of the U.S., and I’d love to hear about it if my thinking has obvious errors.

  20. Well said, Lori. But yes, discussion would be good.

  21. I cannot believe it. I grew up mennonite but havent been one in years and all i ever do is talk about politics.

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