Posted by: thebylog | November 6, 2004

Strong Statements & Thinking

I’d rather live in Death Valley than Antarctica.

Freedom must be spread to all the world!

65 mph speed limits are stupid.

Yea for Saturday’s.

Nay for ‘nays’.

I’m tired.


If you you look at what I’ve written, the end of the sentences form a shape not unlike that of a logarithmic curve.

We had communion tonight. It was a blessed time, it really was. Communion’s about remembering, reflecting.

Why do we sing songs? Why can’t we just think stuff up and contemplate it?

I was sitting there, with my piece of bread and my juice trying to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for me, but it wasn’t until I began thinking of that Rescue song 2000 Years Ago that a tingle went through me.

I just correllated a tingle to a positive spiritual experience. Hmmm… Actually, I can’t be sure that the tingling was the high point of the service, especially at this time of the night. It’s like I caught a small, faint, flickering glimpse of what Christ did for me. I need to go off somewhere tomorrow and just think about it. Think. Sing. Pray.

But my point is that songs sometimes touch you where thinking doesn’t. There is, indeed, something to be said for poetry, for beautifully and meaningfully crafted words.

But it all depends. Songs have a way of guiding your thoughts, so singing Blessed Be the Tie That Binds isn’t likely to cause you to weep at the Passion of Christ.



  1. Does everybody “tingle” in those Holy Spirit flooding times? I always have. I didn’t even know what to call it. But hey, “tingle” works. That seems like such a fluffy term to describe a holy feeling, but that captures it. You are standing before the Lord and suddenly this feeling sweeps over you, not unlike that of a tingle. It’s not goose bumps although some people get those. And it always happens when you are “out of” yourself. When YOU are forgotten. You turn your eyes upward, the music swells, you lose yourself in Him, and suddenly……….tingles.

    But there has GOT to be a better word………


  2. You stated it well, Byran. “…caught a…glimpse of what Christ did for me.”
    Sometimes in those “tingling” moments, it’s as if our very, limitied vision is cleared for just a segment of time. Our gaze, unhindered, pierces straight into truth………..


  3. But as soon as you glance away, even for an instant. You lose it. Cold, hard, brutal life comes and crowds out that little opening into eternity. But you are left with just a little piece of what you saw and even though life on earth is doing it’s best to grind you into the dirt and throw you deep into the fire, you remember that there is something beyond now… something better.

    -Nony Mouse

  4. Good thoughts people….I guess the challenge for me is to always keep my focus on God and be able to experience his presence on a daily basis. -Marcel

  5. I like to think myself a disciple,
    Crying out loud.
    But I know from my own life,
    I’d be in the crowd.

    from Rescue’s 2000 Years Ago, referring to the crowd that clamored for Jesus’ death.

    Doesn’t that grip you?

  6. In a few well-chosen words alot is said, and it grabs our imaginations.


  7. i’d rather live in antarctica.

  8. Hey, who’s that anonymous?? I thought I was the only one who lives under the spell of Antarctica . . . or maybe you were being sarcastic. (She sighs. this is one of the passions she “bears” alone.) When I say that I read books about Antarctica (and the Arctic), do Google searches on it, would love to work there for at least a period of time, long to visit it . . . most people think I’ve lost it.

  9. ok, so i got a little trigger happy (er, click happy) there, and accidentally said the same thing 3x. well, it bears repeating, i guess. no, i wasn’t joking, Lori… i love snow. and i’m intrigued by antarctica. i would LOVE to go sometime. death valley does not appeal to me at all. you’re not alone.

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