Posted by: thebylog | November 8, 2004

Is good good enough?

Which is better, to be good (not in a moral sense) in the midst of mediocrity or in the midst of excellence?

I think it’s better to be in the middle of something positive. I think, though, that selfishly there are attractions to being good in the middle of average peers. You show up more, you seem better than you really are, and in the short run at least that’s good for you personally. However, I think the attitude is antithetical to Christian values.



  1. as long as you are good, i don’t think it matters what everyone else is.

  2. Then why are you being good. For other people and to be noticed, or for God and because it is what you know is right in your heart?

  3. Um, if you’re being good for God, than you don’t care what anyone else thinks of you. Isn’t that what Randy just said?

  4. Remember, folks, I’m talking more about being good at something–say basketball–not being good, like a Christian should be.

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