Posted by: thebylog | November 12, 2004

So yeah.

I don’t know what to say.

Get ready for some stream of consciousness.

Crystal makes a strong case for journaling, and Merry too. I just can’t seem to make time for it.

I’m afraid my oversleeping has scarred me for life because for the second night in a row I woke up during the night, probably because of a subconscious anxiousness to not oversleep.

I hear that a good writer will read over his work before clicking the send button.

Did I plug this website: averyfineline? It’s great, particularly if you have at least a cursory knowledge of southern gospel. But it’s very, very interesting.

Sometimes people are open to the gospel, sometimes they’re not. But everyone’s worth praying for.

I hope that my long-term job doesn’t involve me calling people up on the phone, at least people that I don’t know or that I feel may not want to help me.

Double integrals are cool, though tricky.

I can’t wait to sing again. TT’s coming out for a post-Christmas visit (and JM too, I think?!?!), and we’ve got at least one program lined up. There will be more, too.


I reread my post, and I made just one addition. No corrections. There’s sure to be a typo, though.

I just got a phone call. I’m printing bulletins this week for church and MB called to tell me that SS is going to lead singing Sunday morning.

But anyway, wouldn’t there be a lot of pressure if you were writing on not making typos? There’s a columnist in the Sunday paper that writes on writing. I wonder if he’s ever used a “to” when he wanted a “too”.

So yeah.



  1. so by, mike belotti called you and told you that sammy sosa was leading singing…??

  2. I understand one part of the purpose of initials, but I think the other part is despicable. I hate the initials policy on this blog.

    The one part is retaining anonymity, but the other part is just trying to be hip and cool! Isn’t it By. Shame on you.

    So in protest to the initials policy I am revealing that the TT refered to on this blog is none other than me, Tom Troyer, reigning chief commenter.


  3. So, Tom, how’s the singing going this weekend?


  4. Very good, Crystal. Wow, that group is amazing!

    I have a new friend. His name is Joe.

    Must go or I’ll be late, rehearse all day today then we give our first program at Woodlawn tonight.


  5. YEAH!!


  6. Oh! Anxiety not to oversleep! I’m scarred too… The other night I woke up 5 times in the night just CONVINCED that I had missed my alarm clock, it was WAAY past 5, and was totally going to be late for work. One time I even went downstairs, called my friend I was going to ride to work with on her cell because obviously she had overslept, too. And Mom was like, ‘WHAT are you DOING!!!’, as I ran by her to the phone. AFTER I got off the phone, I was enlightened on tha fact that it was 12:30, not 5:30. And the alarm clock had not rung, and I could go sleep another 4 hours. I need a clock by my bed… But anyhow, I did that same thing 4 more times that night, just to a lesser severity. The last time I was all dressed before I realized it…. So By, once in the night is probobly just the beginning… it’ll escalate every time you oversleep….

  7. And you found that web site interesting because….?

    I found it disgusting, degrading, full of gossip and unecessary information that will do no one any good at all!

    What compels people to do this?! What drives them to dig up the dirt in other peoples lives and smear it gleefully to anyone who will take the time to listen. And why do we enjoy reading it?

    Pathetic I tell you. Completely and painfully pathetic!


  8. Whoa, easy, what site did you go to?!! Wow.

    Gossip, disgusting? Hardly! It’s simply an opinion column. And one reason it is so popular (and me and By find it so fascinating) is that he’s usually right on with stuff nobody else will say.

    The powers-that-be in Southern Gospel keep the average fan so in the dark it’s not funny. Avery has no filters. He says what he thinks, he comments honestly on the news, and gives us his usually brilliant take on it.

    Dig up dirt and smear gleefully? What in the world are you talking about?!


  9. You make me feel like a horse, “easy girl, easy”.

    Allow me to make my statement elsewhere, this is not the time or the place.


  10. Sorry, didn’t mean to make you feel like a horse!


  11. about oversleeping. don’t get all tied in knots. if you oversleep well….in the end, it doesn’t matter. and you feel better for it.
    i’m an avid snooze-button-hitter.

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