Posted by: thebylog | November 21, 2004

Do Family This Way

I look at my family and it makes me wonder why anyone would ever want it different.

In a way I should shut up about it, because my family is my family and a person can’t do much but accept whatever family God has given him/her. But give me a few words.

To those who criticize conservative Christianity, to those who say that the women are repressed, that the insistence upon objective truth is outdated, that to the enlightened this way of life is untenable, to all those I say just look at a family that has really tried to take God’s Word and Christ’s teaching to heart. Look at the peace and joy and love that result.

Of course I have the perspective coming from a pretty well-adjusted family. There are many problem-families that have a similar Christian heritages. But I would argue, if the essence of Christ’s teachings are followed so many beautiful things happen.

There’s so much junk out there. So many torn up lives and families. I really believe that true joy is possible in these relationships and in our own hearts, that being well-adjusted and deeply at peace is possible–doing it God’s way.



  1. By, come on. Where is the in-depth post about the Civil War last Saturday?


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