Posted by: thebylog | November 23, 2004


As a student, my bread and butter used to be my thoroughness, my attention to detail. That was my academic personality: when others left points on the table just because they weren’t complete enough, didn’t show their work, weren’t clear, I picked them up because I was all those things.

But lately these traits have been like a fish trying to balance on a slime-covered boulder–slipping.

I asked someone today if it was worse getting a bad score because you didn’t know the material or getting an average-to-good score that could have been good-to-great because of a kick-yourself mistake. He said the latter. I’m not so sure, they both would get under my skin.

But I do know that the latter is annoying, very annoying. First, I lose points on a Materials Science exam for not explaining myself well enough, then I forget to write a range of values down for a couple of density-related functions in Stats, which cost me the equivalent of 5 points.

But what can you do now?


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