Posted by: thebylog | November 24, 2004

Funeral & Family

One person commented about how emotional grandpa’s funeral was, considering that it was a Smucker-planned and Smucker-executed event.

I gather that it was an effective service, even moving. It was those things because of the honesty and from-the-heart feel of it. Grandpa wasn’t a perfect man, and you would have realized it had you been at his funeral. Unlike most funerals, this wasn’t just a listing of his achievements and positive character traits. It was a portrait of a man who struggled with relationships but had a heart for God. He rarely showed his emotions (until close to the end at least), but he wanted more than anything for himself and his loved ones to know his Saviour more fully.

I feel a little sheepish, actually, for a post a few days back painting an altogether glossy picture of our family. Our family’s not perfect, but as the pastor said today, who among us is? There are problems in our family. Social events probably bring out the best in most groups, perhaps giving an unrealistic view of how things really are.

Ah, but I stand by my thought that Christianity done “right” is beauty–in relationships–that produces wonderful peace and joy. All the important things in life “work” when people have given up themselves and given themselves to God.



  1. Sounds like a meaningful service. I would have liked to have been there. And your family — there’s nothing wrong with feeling really blessed by what you’ve got. Treasure the closeness and purifyingness of a time like this. Isn’t it true that when you actually face and go through something you fear, it makes the fear shrink?


  2. There is no substitute for being REAL.


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