Posted by: thebylog | November 24, 2004

Hanging With the Cuz’s

Monday evening our family had a meal together at church. At our church, over the years we’ve added stuff on here and there, so there’s an old fireplace right in front of the kitchen. It used to actually burn wood. But now, the hearth is unused and usurped by a rigged up counter-like structure that extends above it.

So there is a little nook (or is it a cranny?) maybe two or three feet high, on the hearth and under the counter-like structure, perfect for little children to play in. I saw that, and saw some children playing, and decided to get in on the action.

Smucker’s got pipes, know what I mean? Well, I tuck myself into this little space and my little cousin starts yelling with excitement. But that makes my other, even littler cousin start crying because of all the noise.

So I got to pick her up and settle her down!


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