Posted by: thebylog | November 29, 2004

Does anyone find it ironic that famous singers that sing about the rapture of love in so many ways can’t find a lasting love in their personal lives?



  1. No, but I’ve thought of the movie side many times. Movie stars whose personal lives are one train wreck after another make movies with perfect love stories.


  2. Yeah. And then why does everyone want to be like them? It’s a mixed up crazy world. ooooh another great song. da, da, da da, da da daaaaaaaa I am boiling over with inspiration tonight. Must be the medication. Earlier I was writing this song called “I Can’t Say No” it’s based on the story of my tragic life, my sympathetic heart, and my complete inability to form my lips into the word “NO”. A real tear-jerker I tell you. I get off the phone after, once again, not usin’ the word, and I YELLED ’cause I was ticked ’cause I just




    Okay let me practice. No.

    No, No
    It writes easy enough. I’m such a sucker.



  3. You poor dear…. I feel for you. At least though, that way you don’t say it when you don’t mean to???

  4. You sure didn’t have any problem telling me no when I said you should start a blog.


  5. Ah but see that’s because it was something to do with ME. In such a case I have on occasion been able to hack out the word. Oh that and remember, I can WRITE no. See if you were in front of me and asked me to do something for YOU, I would very likely not turn you down. I might start to try, and then you would tell me about all the people you have already called and……
    I don’t mind helping people. I think we need to do that. But how much is too much? You can KILL yourself doing good deeds.


  6. Ag, will you help me start a blog?


    PS What’s your phone number?

  7. Funny dude, very funny.


  8. BACK to the topic at hand: maybe singers do that because they are trying to escape into their dreams and trying to find some better way to cope with life. honestly, what do most of them have to look to, other than trying to pretend, trying to hope that next time around things will go better? they don’t see that there’s a better way

  9. Ag,
    You should talk to Merry about saying No. She had a prob with that at one time to I believe.

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