Posted by: thebylog | December 2, 2004

Being at Work

One thing I’ve never been able to get used to is when my co-workers here at OSU refer themselves, when talking to someone who is not a co-worker, as “being at work.”

For instance.

Co-worker: “Oh hi, Doug…”


Co-worker: “I just got to work…”


Co-worker: “Work.”

Since I don’t really go anywhere, and since I come up here to do schoolwork and surf the web, it doesn’t seem like “being at work.” Being at work is when you go to a place away from … your non-work life.



  1. Being at work means being subjected to management!!


  2. …unless you are fortunate enough to be self-employed!

  3. Oh si senor! Are you self-employed anon?


  4. being ‘at work’ to me, means being paid for what you’re doing…. Lauren

  5. Alas, no, Tom. I have always been subjected to management during my many long and non-illustrious working years, and probably will be until I retire–if that blessed day ever comes! BTW, I am a senorITA!

  6. Interestingly, one of the things that a couple of the profs in my department say is attractive about academic life is its independence–they likened it to being your own boss.

  7. “Nooooo” she wails. Does that mean my pure, ardent devotion to academia is just another representation of independence–another part of the world shouting that I, as a God-fearing female, love my independence too much??

    Despairing . . .

  8. Ha ha! Sorry miss anon. But those are the risks you run by being anon!


  9. You laugh at my despair? See if I ever come out of my “anon” shell.

    smiling wanly . . .

  10. There are two anons at work here–no pun intended! To which anon didst thou direct thy last comment, Tom?

  11. Lori, just get over it! You despair far too quickly. You might as well not even try the anon thing. You give yourself away every time.


  12. my dear honeypot anita, despair is okay if it lasts only ten minutes. And btw, the anonymous thing was not premeditated–who really cares if I sign or not, eh?

    And to that last anon post about Tom addressing an anon–I replied without thinking. But whatever. 🙂


  13. You “replied without thinking”? Welcome to my world. Got myself in trouble more than once, BUT that can be a good thing too. See, I am so optomistic about my sea of faults right now.

    Now don’t you feel a sense of relief having signed your name? I’ve always said you’ll thank me for alot of things……


  14. I was replying to post 5. It didn’t even occur to me that post 7 might be the same person. Was it? I’m confused. Is #5 Lori?

    See you anons, look at the mess you cause! Make up a name if you have too! Isn’t that right nony mouse.


  15. No, #5 is not Lori.

  16. Lori, see, it’s not so hard signing your name. You have to, or you will really confuse poor Tommy. At his age he has enough of things to work through, much less the added confusion of a double-anon happening. It just might push him over the edge, bless his heart. So, for his sake…….be very kind.


  17. Yes, I have to agree with Tom. Although I’m rather surprised he remembered me. It could be that I have underestimated his ability to remember such things.
    Being anonymous dosen’t always work because a certain person, ahem, nearly uncovered my identity at one time.
    -Nony Mouse

  18. Hmmm….

    “Fear them not therefore; for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”

    Matt. 10:26

  19. #5 couldnt have been Lori anyway because #5 if you will look and see was a SENOR.

  20. #5 states that she is a “senorITA.”


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