Posted by: thebylog | December 10, 2004

That Sinking Feeling

You all know that drill, when you think something big has just gone wrong.

Yeah, it’s no fun. BM and I had a couple of those sinking feelings today, because we stumbled across a problem with our research, a problem that may or may not be serious and may or may not have compromised a whole lot of work that we’ve done already and probably don’t have time to do again. We don’t know yet how it will turn out, if it’s as big of deal as we first thought it might be, but it doesn’t feel good.

No siree.



  1. Sorry about that By. I hate those sinking feelings. Jewel says so does she. Speaking of college projects, whatever happened with the farmer one?


  2. I’m hoping that this isn’t disasterous, the prof didn’t seem to come unglued or anything, though he is concerned.

    The project with LW is stopped for winter break, but we’ve got another term to work on it, and I think it’s a really cool project, with a good chance of being successful.

  3. I’m greatly interested in this LW Proj.

    If it is a raging success (and I hope it is), I’m very curious as to Joe Farmer’s reaction. Anything technological, and they usually gather up the disdain and scorn for a good heaping!


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