Posted by: thebylog | December 19, 2004

Looking Back

I had a rough week this week. What’s troubling is that I can’t seem to separate my circumstances from my feelings. When things are going badly I feel bad and forget about–or, perhaps worse, don’t feel like–engaging God “in the midst.” But that’s precisely the thing that will allow me to face the music with grace and give me perspective on things.

Not everything went bad this week. It got over, after all.

No, actually, the bad included issues with our research (we had to quit for a week or two over Christmas and we’ve still got some serious questions to resolve, and there’s a deadline coming up in January and we don’t know how long it will take to get these problems licked), issues with the IAC (more work than I thought), and issues with graduate applications (specifically getting letters from profs).

The good included prayer meeting, basketball, making a breakthrough at the IAC, communicating with my profs, sitting around today, and hearing a new CD. See there was a lot of good too.

Oh, I’m reminded of something. Let me gush a bit.

Faithful reader and far-flung friend, tt, has a sister that sings with a Gospel Echoes ministry team. They recently released their first album (the above-mentioned new CD), and on this album is a Brent Lamb tune, More Than Enough, that his sister sings.

Wow. The album is worth getting just because of that song! And it’s a good album besides that. But she just shines, with a beautiful, smooth sound, perfectly in tune and wonderfully enunciated, that convinces you that Christ indeed is more than enough for anyone who has major problems, or even minor ones. That includes me, with my work issues.


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