Posted by: thebylog | December 21, 2004

A Happy Night

Last night I told mom as I was bout to leave that I didn’t think I’d be home late because I was going to be out with “older people.”

One of my aunts invited me and some others to get together and sing Christmas songs for the evening. She pulled out a bunch of old school songs and we sang them, along with a 2nd Chapter of Acts (EG, I do need to borrow a CD or three from you!) song and a cool arrangement of Sing We Now of Christmas. A lot of fun. A taste of next week, when AHQ briefly reunites.

In addition to the party organizer, another of my aunts was there, she being great with child. I planted a seed early on in the evening about going out to PV (an all-night greasy spoon) after the singing died down. Most of the people at the little sing-a-thon were definitely not going to do something so crazy. They were either working the next day, leaving early the next day, needing to tend to family, etc.

Well, I convinced my aunties to come with me. The party organizer decided she would which put pressure on the pregnant one. I told the pregnant one that if she didn’t come, we might never have an experience like this again in our whole lives, or at least not until we were both old and all of our children had grown! She decided to come.

So much for not getting home late. But I’m unapologetic.



  1. Man, you should be careful with the emotions of an aunt very with child. Trying to push her to go to the greasy spoon would be a bit much for me that is for sure. Well see you in a couple of days. Jewel

  2. Sorry. It did wear her out physically. I think she’s ok emotionally. I will see you tomorrow, yo? If you show up at church.

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