Posted by: thebylog | December 23, 2004

Christmas –> Heart?

I think I posted this last Christmas, but there’s a secular pop music station that plays nothing but “Holiday Favorites” from Thanksgiving until Christmas. You get secular artists singing a mix of secular and sacred Christmas songs. I like to listen because I get to hear a variety of Christmas songs sung by people that I don’t hear very often. Like Mariah Carey singing O Holy Night. Wow.

But something about that, and about how much Christmas is ingrained in our culture that is by and large unspiritual doesn’t seem right.

You read C.S. Lewis, and you’re like, “Yeah, I totally get that.” It makes sense, and you love the fact that a Christian makes so much logical, intellectual sense, even in the face of the famed father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. (I’m currently reading: The Question of God)

But what’s the point of articulately defending the Christian worldview?

You ask those secular artists singing It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Joy to the World, and I’ll bet 90% of them (or more) believe in God. Most of them, likely, agree with Lewis in principle. So what?

We’re immersed in Christianity but it’s like we’re covered with a water-proof bodysuit. It’s not getting through. There’s a complete disconnect between the head and the heart.

Lewis took his worldview to its logical conclusion. Believing in God led to believing in Christ, which led to surrender and service to Him. Ok, great, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But many people don’t take it that far, it’s like they don’t think about it that deeply.

I love when Lewis articulately goes off about this “nonsense” of Christ being a great moral teacher. Of course it’s nonsense. He claimed to be God, which precludes Him being simply a “really good guy”. He’s either God, an evil man, or a crazy man.

Yet so many think of Him as “great teacher.” Or they do think of Him as God, but it stops there. But that doesn’t make sense! Not if you think about it.


I’ll take “d” anyday–a guy I met at school who seems to have honestly struggled with his (lack of) faith–over apathy. I think everybody thinks about life questions to some extent, but it seems like many just stop and put it out of their minds, never honestly thinking it through.

That is a problem!

How about this, though, too. How about “Christians” who are in the same boat. They’ve been fed “it” since they were small and they drift along with the flow, never really thinking it through. Is that any better?



  1. I know exactly what you mean about America being saturated with Christianity–no more thirst or interest. There are two cracks in the “bodysuit”–first of all, the numbers of people who believe in ONE God as THE God, no exceptions, are diminishing. The accepting of other gods immediately brings their perceptions of the God into question–is He who He says He is?

    Secondly, when one begins to discuss lifestyles (that happens to Mennonite females in college), it inevitably leads to what we believe about God (worldview) and then shows up the differences in our perceptions. Is He a Greater Being of Love, superior and supreme but a bit dull and starry eyed, or is He actually aware of what’s going on and does He care and is He also a God of justice? People ask me questions. Why dress the way I do? Why not have sex before marriage? In answering these questions, I’ve found it leads me to the belief that God has a right to “have a say” in my life, and I have an obligation to obey even if it’s not what I want. Many don’t believe that and don’t live it.

    Speaking of these things to some people has opened doors and, I hope, made some nominal Christians think about what they REALLY believe.

    I know I’ve just sort of jumped aboard this blog like a stranger sticking her nose in someone’s else’s conversation–just thought I had to comment again.


  2. Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas. I have that CD, it’s fantastic. O Holy Night is the best song on there, and it also is my favorite Christmas song. I love it. Elegant lyrics, soaring melody, powerful package.

    Another favorite Christmas song of mine is “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”


  3. hey by, í´m here in tarifa spain, not really any christmas festivities to speak of in this town.
    see ya in a few man

  4. “Many don’t believe that [God having a say in their lives] and don’t live it.”

    That’s the confounding part, because if one believes in God, how can one NOT let that affect your life? One clearly follows from the other, no? Lori, getting people to thoughtfully consider these things, that is commendable for sure.

  5. Or maybe we should watch the movie: “Santa Claus Defeats the Aliens” (1964). That’s bound to be a classic.

  6. If it was going to be a classic it would be now.


  7. Ug. I hate that, “I Wanna Hippopotomous for Christmas” song. Good points, By. Not sure where to take them, or what to do with them, but excellent points.

  8. Never heard the song. Why a hippo? I mean, why not a cheetah, a dolphin, a cobra, a full beard, (scratch that, never wanted THAT for Christmas), an elephant, a scratch and sniff pad, an ice pick, a ……. why a hippo? I’m sure I would have to just hear the song to be blessed. Wonder where the writer got his inspiration.

    Ah well.


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