Posted by: thebylog | December 24, 2004

Things I’d Like To Do

There’s lots of things to get done during Christmas break. Sleep. Organize. Apply. Work. Read. I want to get some songs ready to demo when tt got here. I want to write a little computer program. I want to get some plane tickets in order. Ski.

I don’t know about you, but I make lists that are rather unrealistic in their length and difficulty. In a perfect world, when I was super-efficient, got up at 6 a.m. (when I could sleep in) … then I could maybe get everything done.

Sure, like that’s going to happen.

It ain’t a perfect world, I’m very inefficient at home, and there’s no way–no way–I’m getting up at 6 a.m. when I can sleep in. Not even for Christmas.

So keep making those lists, and keep trying vainly to complete them. There are worse things in the world.



  1. Is there even enough snow to ski?


  2. Not particularly. Hopefully by the middle of next week though.

  3. enough snow! come to Southern Ontario and you’ll have enough snow, I’ve been wading thru’ thigh-deep drifts every morning and tho’ I haven’t been skiing this year they say all the skiers are happy…very happy.
    sorry, I really am an anonymous writer. I was invitied awhile ago by one of your faithful readers to check out your site. So, I’ve been enjoying reading but have not yet been brave enough (until now I suppose) to comment… Cor.

  4. Aw, comment any time. Supposedly we could have got an inch of snow today, but nope. I’m glad the snow mostly stays in the mountains around here. Sort of like how many people view their Christianity: close enough to benefit from it, but not so close as to mess with their day to day lives.

  5. Cor!!!!!!!! Hey, girl! I’m sooo excited — because today I’m going to the airport after all eleven of ’em. Remind you of anything? August with HS or anything? Merry Christmas and Welcome. It’s high time for some new excitement on here.


  6. “excitement on here” ? Crystal, Crystal, Crystal. I’m so shocked at your means of gaining excitement. Haven’t you ever heard the Laws of Creating Excitement. (Well, I haven’t either, but while it’s sounding good, let me at it. )

    Law of Creating Excitement #1
    If there and none make some

    Law of Creating Excitment #2

  7. oh that was annoying, I was just getting cranked up! Now where was I? Oh yeah.

    Law of Excitment #2
    It is unfair to depend on your fellow man to stir the pot.

    Law of Excitment #3
    Make personal effort

    Law of Excitment #4
    It is completely and wholly lawful to say something outrageous, at least if it is within the laws of reason, to get things going

    Law of Excitement #5
    When in doubt, make something up

    Law of Excitement #6

    Man, I have to go find my book. I can’t remember past five. Ah well. I hope it has been a blessing. I just try to minister………


  8. Oh yeah Crys! Sure does remind me of something! Good memories…getting off the plane, meeting you after hearing so much about you! (: Enjoy all eleven of them to the fullest! Cor.

  9. Crystal, sounds like you should be Rabbit instead of Piglet: i.e. Rabbit’s friends and relations.

  10. Spell check, Ag, spell check. In her excitement her excitement becomes excitment. Tada. Gotcha! Your turn to turn Stoplight Red. Cheesy grin.

  11. Sorry Darin. I’m afraid I am my normal pale self. No additional color has coursed to my face. Nice try. I rarely turn spotlight red, ESPECIALLY not when I spell a word incorrectly, use improper grammer or the wrong punctuation. I fear it is such a normal occurance that I barely even flinch. So just go fly a kite and wipe that cheesy grin off your face.


  12. By, did you go skiing?? I went yesterday… it was a delight… except my new skis are SO fast…. Too fast. Go skiing. Share the joy!!! Lauren

  13. HA! The only memory that floods my mind in regards to skiing is alot of desperate fear and very sore legs. Not my idea of a good time. And Lauren, you would probably weep because I am only 20 min. away from a great ski slope……


  14. Well, now they’re all gone. And I’m catching up on here, as well as beginning my round of catch up in general. Catch up. Catsup. Ketchup. Whatever. I’m tired.


  15. Who’s gone and where did they go?

    I should come and visit you!Actually, my motives would be purely selfish. I desperately want to visit Poland just to buy crystal. I am obsessed with crystal, Crystal. Lita was showing me some that she had brought over and when she told me how much she paid for it, I gasped, clenched my side, and felt very pained. That is SO unfair! When I was in Ireland I wanted to get some Waterford crystal, and upon visiting the Waterford Crystal factory, I felt VERY pained! So, needless to say, my personal supply of Waterford Crystal is still at zero. (pardon me while I go dry my eyes…..) I need to look into it, but I actually think it’s cheaper here than it was over there, ha, not like it’s cheap here. Well, my life just stinks. I am just not complete until I have Waterford Crystal in my possession. Aren’t I just deliciously materialistic?


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