Posted by: thebylog | December 26, 2004

(Mostly) Yea

Yea for life, for excitement, for the future.

Nay for a burdened conscience.

Yea for love.

Yea for being home for Christmas. I decided that no matter where I go and what I do, I’m always going to try to be home for Christmas. Then I got to thinking, if you fly on Christmas you can get cheaper tickets. So maybe I could say, Yea for being home for the holidays.

Yea for consistent living.

Nay for shacking up.

Yea for stochastic modeling. I think. We haven’t yet been formally introduced.

Yea for vacations.

Yea for seeing long lost friends at church.

Yea for God.



  1. I most DEF agree on being home for Christmas. Yes, that’s the only place to be.

  2. Hmmm. Home for Christmas? I would say it’s the only place to be, but I can’t because I have never been anywhere BUT home for Christmas. So, I cannot speak of what I do not know.

    Oh and something that has been circling my mind.

    True or False

    If you shoot long enough you’ll hit something.


  3. Ag, I think false. You could be shooting in the wrong galaxy.

  4. So is it better to shoot in the wrong galaxy, or not try to shoot at all?


  5. As a marksman who has occasionally employed that theory, I would say false.


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