Posted by: thebylog | January 3, 2005

A Couple of Notes

Tonight AHQ gave a program at a church about an hour and a quarter away from our home base. Many people from church came to see us, which was quite nice. It was a bunch of fun to sing again. It took us until we’re about breaking up to begin to feel the freedom of singing without a set list in front of us on the floor. We did that tonight, and though there were a few hitches, nothing major. TT forgot some word, I forgot how a song started, KK semi-missed an ending … uh, can’t think of anything DK did overtly wrong. But boy we had fun.

One other thing, I just wanted to let everyone know that on Saturday I played approximately 7 hours of board games. A blast, to be sure. Christmas Break’s should always include that: chilling with friends/family and playing games. And I heard that SG–bro’s girlfriend–wants to play some Scrabble. Can’t wait.



  1. Most def. sympathize with your love of board games. Just efficiently pulled off a victory in Monopoly after a long hard battle. Yeah, that’s great stuff.

  2. What words did I forget?!


  3. I don’t remember, but you admitted it. Or maybe you just almost forgot them. Oh my, must I print a retraction?

  4. I said I twice came a hair’s breadth from forgetting the words, both on solo’s or very key lead lines.

    Technically I did forget the words a few times, but in inconspicuous spots where I could cover well. So you probably don’t really need to print a retraction, I’ll let that on your conscience.


  5. How gracious of you, Tom. 🙂


  6. I thought so too, thank you!


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