Posted by: thebylog | January 8, 2005

A Look At My SG Past

When TT was here he was rummaging around in his old attic or his old room and happened upon a few old pieces of paper.

Back in the day, he was a big Southern Gospel fiend (i.e. fan). In fact, so were DK and I. KK was too, though he was less overt about it, I would say. In those days, a large Southern Gospel convention debuted in California. Tom attended the first one, and after that either DK or I or both went with him for a couple/three of years. We even took 3rd place in their talent contest (as a trio) one year.

But as he rummaged through stuff, he found these papers. He offered to post them on the web for me.

Now, this whole idea of impersonal criticism via the web is an unresolved issue in my mind, so to be safe, all negative comments that we made regarding specific individuals or groups have been blotted out. TT was kind enough to do this. I haven’t thought this through completely, so if it appears hypocritical in some way, forgive me.



  1. By, tell them the story about our concert-rating papers and then being in Denny’s and having Allen Cox and Gene McDonald of the Florida Boys come in and snatch them!!


  2. Yeah, By, if there is a story to tell, do tell! If you don’t, I am sure that Tom will tell. I did enjoy getting to read the critique–the part that wasn’t marked out, at least. I am just curious as to the names that were marked out.

    Also, I have very fond memories of the year that AHT (Acappella Harmony “Trio”) took third place in the contest at the Great Western Quartet Convention in Sacramento. I was proud of y’all and was glad to be there.


  3. You better tell it, TT. I don’t remember well enough to relay it.

  4. Oooh, this sounds interesting! I can’t wait to hear this story!!!

  5. Good stories aside, what is the point of pointing out someone is bad without giving constructive comments for improvement?

  6. There is no “aside” from the good story in this case, that’s all it is. We did it way back then privately as a way to discuss the evening concert. By brings it up now because it’s interesting, and makes a good story.

    I will try to tell the other story soon.


  7. Tell the story before I go to Bible School!! Or else after I get home, so that I get the enjoyment of reading it!!! Lauren

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