Posted by: thebylog | January 18, 2005

Two Kinds of Coding

All coding is not equal. Some deals with semantics, some with logic. You’ve got to master the semantic basics, however, before you can move on to the joy of logic. In my view, the first is a necessary evil, the second fun.

To explain what I mean, consider me right now. I have a class that requires periodic homework assignments that require coding. I’ve been sitting beside my research partner for a year now, watching him code and thinking through logic with him. But when I sit down to start my own program, I go nowhere. It’s not because I don’t understand the algorithm I’m trying to program, it’s because I can’t even get my “printf(“hello”);” program to compile.

It’s because I don’t understand the semantics, I can’t successfully combat the error message that it gives me. Thankfully, I still know and work with my research partner, he’s going to help me.



  1. What language are you using?


  2. Whaddaya know! Tom’s back!


  3. Where was I?!


  4. Probably out looking about job options in case you’d quit your present job.


  5. Not a bad idea!


  6. I’m using C.

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