Posted by: thebylog | January 25, 2005

Take Small Bites

Man, Stochastic is the hardest class I’ve ever taken in my entire life! Or at least since Physics, but I think it’s harder. Every class it seems, I am struck by how intimidating and huge it looks and feels.

I need time for this class. Time to soak it in, read about it, digest it. But I feel like I don’t have much of that precious commodity. Thing is, it’s interesting stuff, so it would be doubly painful if I reached the end of the term feeling as if I didn’t spend enough time in it.

I have, however, made it through the first 2 homework sets, though the next two (especially the most recent) look daunting and feel even worse. But as Patch the Pirate says:

Little by little, inch by inch.

By the yard it’s hard

By the inch, what a cinch.

Never stare up the stairs, just step up the steps

Little by little, inch by inch.



  1. hey there byron this is shanna stoltzfus from sc. just wanted to thank u for the song (i put it on my xnaga site) if u get a chance u can check it out @\bubblyshan . have a good one

  2. HA! Ever since I was a kid that song annoyed me. Don’t know why. I used to always get a mental picture of this little worm (influence of the “inch”) desperately trying to crawl up a flight of steps. In my mind, he never made it to the top.

    Music amuses me at times. The way people respond to music amuses me even more. So, tonight, my brother and I go out with a friend, and this friend is playing a Shania CD at very exuberant levels of volume. Honey, I’m Home is playing and he begins to belt out the song with intense fervor. I just died! Not only because he was forming his own melody line as he went trying to keep up, but no man should ever sing a Shania song, that’s just a fact of life. It’s hysterical! ESPECIALLY not Honey I’m Home! Ah, but it does provide a deep sense of amusement.

    That’s my life!


  3. Also especially not “Man, I Feel Like a Woman!!!”

    I only sing along with the “whoa OH oh” parts.


  4. Ha, yeah, he sang that song too. But he sang it all, man, he sang it all. You don’t WANT to know his explanation when I tried to tell him he shouldn’t be singing a line like, “man, I feel like a woman”. I died laughing, THEN told him to grow up. 😉


  5. Thanks for the song! I sing that one at work when I’m getting a little stressed. My co-workers laugh at me, but it helps so much!

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