Posted by: thebylog | January 27, 2005

Too Good To Be True

I got a parking citation yesterday.


I guess my record’s not completely clean any more. At first I couldn’t figure out why, but the more I think about it and look at the place I parked, the more I realize that indeed, it was too good to be true.

You know that saying, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” I remember thinking that one morning after I had parked where I was parked when I got the ticket. But I looked and couldn’t seem to find any reason I couldn’t park there.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.



  1. I have never in my life gotten a ticket of any sort. Not tooting my horn because it happens to the best, and worst, of us. I’m curious as to what my response would be, especially if I got stopped. Some women, men too, do crazy things. I used to think I would just burst into hysterical sobs, choked back until the officer slipped out of my sight. Duh? Maybe not, people do wierd things sometimes. I usually have opposite responses to a situation than my sister. If she does one thing, I do the opposite. She has the family record in our family for amount of tickets in one night. SHE gets weepy. She is SO not like that! I’m the emotional basket case in my family, not her. SO, I sort of figure that I would be very calm about it.

    Okay, so here’s a story.

    My two sisters and I were at a motel on night, we got back to our room really late, hadn’t eaten, ordered pizza. Two a.m. we are sitting on our floor eating and suddenly there is this loud rucous out in the hall and someone begins yelling and beating on our door.

    My older sister, afore mentioned, leaps from her current position, her pizza flies across the room one way as she dives the other way. She makes her way under the bed. Well, that was the intention, but have you ever tried to crawl under a bed in a motel? There is not exactly alot of space wherewith to cram you person. So, she goes to plan B and flings the blanket across her body.

    I glance over and my younger sister is heading for the other bed with the exact same intention as the other. (These girls have twin brains REALLY, it’s scary………. well, for me anyway) This all takes place in a matter of seconds.

    The pounding continues, the voices grow louder and more insistent. I, who assumed that in such a situation I would have flung my body out the window for protection, or just sat there screaming at the top of my lungs, rushed to the door to make sure it was locked. That was my first reaction, hurrah for me. I’m not the chicken I thought I was. They were yelling someone’s name, and I just assume they got the wrong room. However, I glance out at them, they are all smoking and clearly desperately drunk, so I firmly told them they got the wrong room and they need to leave and headed over to call security. They left.

    We laugh now, because you really do not know what you would do in an “emergency” situation, until you are in it. My oldest sister is a take-charge-and-deal-with-it type of girl, while my younger sister is a “you-come-in-here-I-beat-you-up type of girl. I, on the other hand, am more a lets-sit-hear-screaming-and-hope-someone-shows-up-and-saves-me type of girl, SO, you never know what you will do until it happens.

    All this to say, I might be calm if I got a ticket.


  2. By, I think if you’d only had a girl with you in the car to nag you about your driving/parking, the whole mis-hap could’ve been gracefully avoided. Which just supports the point I was trying to prove to you and Randy the other day.


  3. Great story Ag!

    By, are you going to talk about your sermon next (not tomorrow night) Sunday night?


  4. WOW!!!!

    -Nony Mouse

    P.S. (You need a blog Ag.)

  5. I’ve certainly tried to convince her, it will take something not of this world I think to get her to do so.


  6. You need a blog Tom.

  7. Thanks Vern. Actually, I’m kinda working on it.


  8. Tom, I would make people CRY if I had a blog! Go and proofread what I wrote! I bet I have twenty-PLUS errors! It’s a sad thing, me and proofreading. We should really try hard to become better acquainted!

    Anyhow, you don’t preach at me about not having a blog, when you don’t have one! See, I live by example…..and you ain’t one!


  9. Oh, oops. You should have commented sooner. You would have saved yourself.


  10. Shelley, to what point are you referring?

  11. Ag…, do you happen to be a perfectionist?

    -Nony Mouse
    P.S. You know, God could really use you through writing. You seem to have a wonderful talent for it.

  12. No, I don’t think I am a perfectionist. Well, perhaps in some areas I may be. I prefer to think of myself as realistic. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing, it’s just that I don’t think I am good enough to qualify as a “writer”.


  13. BUT, Nony Mousie person, I am not writing off what you said either and I thank you for your comments.


  14. Don’t you remember our drive on Sunday to K+S’s house for that wonderful lasagna lunch? I was proving the point that it can be beneficial, yes, even necessary for improvement to have a woman’s “constructive criticism” on a man’s driving skills. Contrary to MY belief, Randy and you held the opinion that it was detrimental, or an attack on one’s “manlihood”. THAT was my point that I was talking about earlier.

  15. Got it Shelley.

  16. OH! Hey Nony Mousie Person (Something within me always drives me to call you that……), in regards to blogging, I had this incredible idea at one point of my life. It probably wouldn’t exactly be possible, but I have always thought it would be so much fun to start a “Girls Only” blog. I would be a monster, unleashed. Tom thought it was a terrible idea (rude boy), but I personally will continue to believe that he just doesn’t want to feel left out. Just think about it, it would be utterly delightful to one and to all.


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