Posted by: thebylog | January 29, 2005

The Good & The Bad … Mostly Good

(Due to technical difficulties, this post was composed on Friday and only now being posted)

A day of up and downs, goods and bads, frustrations and elations.

The Good

We got over a hump of sorts in our research project. Nothing earth-shaking, and we’re not real close to bringing it to a finish, but we cleared some things up. We’ve been finding bugs, which is good because that means those particular ones aren’t lurking to laugh at us when we’re in the middle of testing.

I think my Stats exam went pretty well. It was not without its struggles, but in the end I expect a good, if not great, score.

I didn’t forget an early morning meeting like I did on Thursday. But then, I didn’t have an early morning meeting.

I made some progress on a daunting Stochastic assignment. I love it when I figure stuff out. But I only figured out the first part. There’s more where that came from, and besides, I still don’t know how to code matrix algebra in C, matrix algebra that I’ll need to complete the assignment.

The Bad

Well, mostly the bad was that I hadn’t sent some transcripts in to one of the Universities I’m applying to. I thought I had, but I got an e-mail that threw me into a little bit of a tizzy. All the more so because I had to send transcripts in to another University and the first University wants two sets and I didn’t have enough transcripts on me, and now I’m going to send some transcripts to both Universities that will probably end up late. Ah, but it shouldn’t kill me, both in the literal sense and in the graduate application sense.

I’m off to the weekend.


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